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Why you should stay at these luxury hotels in New Jersey

Why you should stay at these luxury hotels in New Jersey

Here are a few of the best deals on New Jersey’s best hotels.

(Photo: Associated Press)Buy Photo The American Conservatives (AP)New Jersey has some of the priciest real estate in the country.

The median price of a home in the Garden State is more than $1 million.

Some of the cheapest hotels in the state, including Hazbin and the Jackson Hole, have a price tag of more than double that.

But the state’s biggest luxury hotel is the Hazbin Hotel in Manhattan.

It’s a three-star hotel, and you can get rooms for as little as $2,000 a night.

The Hazbin has a $3.8 million budget and a staff of about 40.

There are a lot of options for what to do with the rest of your time at the hotel, including shopping, a massage and a rooftop bar.

The main bar at the Hazbins is open 24 hours.

But the room service, which includes breakfast, is available three times a day.

There is also a rooftop terrace that can be used as a balcony.

The rooms are all furnished, with some rooms featuring double bedding and some having double-paned windows.

There’s a balcony overlooking the lobby.

The hotel also has a restaurant and lounge.

You can get a sandwich and beer for $12.99.

A new addition to the Hazbil is the Jacksons Hole in Jersey City.

The Jacksans are a four-star luxury hotel that’s part of the Hazbang Group.

It features a rooftop pool and outdoor dining area.

There are also a lot more options for dining at the Jackssons.

The restaurant has an outdoor patio and outdoor seating.

You’ll have to be a member of the hotel’s exclusive club to eat in the restaurant.

The pool is open for swimming.

You also can get spa treatments, massage treatments and yoga.

The rooftop bar at Hazbens has seating for more than 200 people.

There also is a rooftop rooftop terrasse, which you can use for a balcony and a patio.

There will also be a bar and restaurant inside.

You can even have dinner in the hotel room.

There was a restaurant called The Diner and now there is a place called The House.

There, you can have a buffet.

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