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Why you should buy a capsule hotel

Why you should buy a capsule hotel

New Orleans hotel chain Marriott is making a bold bet with its capsule hotel business.

The company says it will begin offering guests the option to pay a flat rate for their stay and book a suite in its new luxury capsule hotels in the coming months.

The new offerings, dubbed The Journey, will offer guests a range of amenities including complimentary wi-fi and fitness equipment, a private gym and private pool, a cinema with two screens and private bathrooms.

The hotel also promises to deliver free food, drinks and entertainment in its suites.

These are the first capsule hotels to be announced by Marriott.

The New Orleans-based hotel chain was founded in 1887 and now operates more than 3,600 hotels and resorts worldwide.

The business is still growing, with revenues of $13.6bn last year, up by 30% year on year.

“The journey offers guests the opportunity to enjoy the convenience of the hotel experience at no cost, without sacrificing comfort,” the company said in a statement.

“We have been a leader in bringing capsule hotel guests closer to their favorite destinations, but now we are delivering our guests the experience of being part of the journey.”

The company also said guests would receive a digital wallet and the option of paying in dollars or sterling.

The Journey capsule hotels will be open in 2019, while the company plans to launch the brand in the US and Europe by the end of this year.

The brand is expected to reach over 30 million guests this year, and to be worth more than $200m in 2019.

The capsule hotel company has also launched a range to its capsule hotels that offer more perks, such as private gym sessions, an indoor cinema with a cinema screen, private bathrooms and private lounges.

Marriott has also unveiled plans to open two luxury capsule hotel suites in Japan.

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