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Why Hawaii’s new luxury hotel chain is a gold mine for investors

Why Hawaii’s new luxury hotel chain is a gold mine for investors

Google is expanding its luxury hotel business in Hawaii, with new resorts coming to the island.

Google announced on Thursday that it had signed a deal to develop hotels in Honolulu, Kauai, and Maui, with the hotels also being developed as an option for those who want to live closer to the Pacific.

The deals come amid an intensifying push by Chinese companies and foreign investors to take advantage of a rising number of mainland Chinese residents, who are spending more money in cities and towns.

According to the most recent US Census data, there were 2.9 million mainland Chinese living in the United States in 2016.

One of the largest Chinese hotels is already in the works at the former Sears tower in downtown Honolulu, which will have an indoor swimming pool and a heated spa.

The project, dubbed the “Kauai Hilton,” is expected to cost between $5 million and $10 million and be open in 2020.

In March, the company announced plans to build a hotel in Honolulu’s historic Makihihama neighborhood, which includes the former Pearl Harbor.

The resort, dubbed Makihama Hotel, is scheduled to open in 2019.

While the company is expanding operations in Hawaii as a part of its strategy to win over mainland Chinese consumers, it also has a long-standing relationship with local hotels and resorts, including one in Hawaii’s capital city, Honolulu.

“The relationship with Hawaii hotels is really quite significant,” said Peter Giannakopoulos, chief executive officer of the Hawaii Hotel Association.

A key point for the Chinese company is that, like the United Kingdom, where it has built some 2,500 hotels, it owns and operates hotels and other properties in China.

As a result, the Chinese government is actively promoting tourism to Hawaii and the rest of the mainland.

This year, the country opened its first Chinese-owned luxury hotel, the Shangri-La Hotel in the capital city of Beijing, which opened in 2016 with 1,500 rooms and is now the largest hotel in the country.

Giannakopolos said the Chinese hotel industry is in a good place because of the state of tourism in China, which is booming.

Last year, there was a surge in tourism to China, but most of that was generated by Hong Kong, where Chinese citizens were able to travel freely to the mainland without restrictions.

Despite the popularity of Chinese holidays in the West, the island is not a tourist destination for many in mainland China, with only a handful of tourist hotels operating.

Although Chinese tourists spend far more on their holiday visits to the country, Chinese-language content on Chinese social media platforms is extremely scarce.

Still, Giannapoulos said the increased demand for accommodation on the mainland by mainland Chinese is an important part of the hotel business.

China is the biggest hotel market in the world, and the majority of its hotel rooms are being sold in Hong Kong,” he said.

However, in 2017, Chinese companies also opened their own hotel chains in other parts of the world including Singapore, where there are also a number of luxury hotels.

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