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Which hotels are the best value in Clearwater Beach?

Which hotels are the best value in Clearwater Beach?

The Miami Beach Hilton and the Coral Gables Hilton are both worth $1.7 million each.

Both have excellent parking options and have a great view.

The Coral Gable Hotel has the best rooftop access, but the Hilton has an outdoor patio.

For an extra $10, you can get a suite in the second-floor ballroom with a rooftop bar, an open bar, and a spa.

The Hilton has a rooftop deck with a balcony overlooking the Miami River, while the CoralGables has a deck with just a fireplace.

You can also take the walkway to the top floor of the Hilton, which is an amazing view.

Both are open seven days a week and have plenty of parking.

But for an extra premium, check out the Coral Resort’s rooftop deck.

You’ll see a large pool and plenty of seating.

The hotel also has a pool deck with heated pool tables and a full-service bar and restaurant.

There’s also a rooftop rooftop bar overlooking the river and some great views.

All three of these hotels are open daily.

The $1 million price tag on the Coral resort is a little steep, but they also have a rooftop pool deck, an outdoor restaurant and a restaurant.

The two resort hotels have a lot of rooftop seating and are a great value, and there are also two different rooftop pools for the same price.

If you’re in Clearport Beach and want to see a new view, take a tour of the resort’s rooftop pool.

If it’s a weekend, go to the beach.

You won’t regret it.

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