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Which hotel in Atlantic City is best for millennials?

Which hotel in Atlantic City is best for millennials?

The Atlantic City hotel chain is coming to a hotel in the New Jersey city of Atlantic City.

Atlantic City officials announced Tuesday they’re partnering with Hilton and the Ocean Shore hotels to open the new hotel, named the Ocean View.

The hotel is located on the Atlantic City Pier, a short stretch of shoreline in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

The company will operate the hotel as part of the Hilton Atlantic City properties in Atlantic County.

It also plans to open another Ocean View hotel in Florida in 2019.

The two hotels are both part of a group called the Oceanic Group, which is owned by Hilton.

The hotels have long operated out of the same building in Atlantic Beach, New Jersey.

The Ocean View opened in 2012 and the Hilton is a partner.

The Atlantic Beach hotel has more than 300 rooms, and the other hotel has a few hundred rooms.

The Ocean View and the two Ocean View hotels will operate in Atlantic Town, the town that includes Atlantic City, in 2019 and 2020.

The three-story hotel will be a part of Ocean Beach, according to the announcement.

This isn’t the first time Atlantic City has partnered with a hotel.

In 2015, the company signed a 20-year lease with the Hilton and was leasing the hotel for an additional 10 years.

Atlantic Town is a popular shopping and dining destination, but the hotel has faced financial troubles.

Last summer, the Atlantic Beach property was among three Atlantic City hotels closed in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

A couple of months earlier, the Oceanview hotel had shuttered, according a story in the Atlantic Times.

Atlantic Beach residents protested the closure at the time, and it came after a series of incidents in which guests and staff were injured.

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