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When you want to get out of town, you can’t go out of the water

When you want to get out of town, you can’t go out of the water

When you’re on the beach, you’re supposed to stay on shore.

But when it comes to the ocean, that’s where the rules change.

And it’s a good thing.

You’ll probably have a lot more fun in the water than on land.

While the rules for the ocean are the same on land, it’s always a good idea to plan ahead.

The most obvious example of this is when you’re at a beach with plenty of sand to surf, but not a lot of other life.

If you’re in the middle of the ocean and there’s a boat nearby, you don’t want to wait around for someone else to catch you.

That’s where your first stop should be.

Here are the best beaches in town.


Ocean City, Maryland 2.

Newport News, Virginia 3.

Newport, Rhode Island 4.

West Palm Beach, Florida 5.

Boca Raton, Florida 6.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts 7.

Cape Elizabeth, Massachusetts 8.

Miami Beach, California 9.

Westchester, New York 10.

Palm Springs, California 11.

Palm Bay, Florida 12.

North Palm Beach/Ocala, Florida 13.

Bayside, Florida 14.

Santa Rosa, California 15.

Long Beach, Calif.


San Francisco, California 17.

San Marcos, Texas 18.

North Highlands, Alaska 19.

Westfield, California 20.

Los Angeles, California 21.

Long Island City, New Jersey 22.

Orange County, California 23.

Orange, California 24.

New York City, NY 25.

Oakland, California 26.

Las Vegas, Nevada 27.

Sacramento, California 28.

West Covina, California 29.

Lakewood, California 30.

East Los Angeles/West Covina/South Lake Tahoe, California 31.

Orangevale, California 32.

Sacramento/Long Beach, CA 33.

Las Palmas, California 34.

Las Ranchas, California 35.

San Diego, California 36.

Las Cañas, Mexico 37.

Longwood, New Mexico 38.

Reno, Nevada 39.

El Paso, Texas 40.

San Bernardino, California 41.

Bakersfield, Calif 42.

Tucson, Arizona 43.

San Jose, Calif 44.

West Hollywood, California 45.

Riverside, Calif 46.

Las Cruces, New Mexican 47.

West Orange, New Mex.


Huntington Beach, New Yorks 49.

Longmont, Colo.


Boulder, Colo., 50 miles south of the border 50 miles away 50 miles from the California border 50 to 100 miles east of the Colorado border 50 north of the California coast 50 to 50 miles east west of the Utah border 50 south of New Mexico 50 miles west of Arizona 50 miles north of Colorado 50 to 150 miles west east of Mexico 50 to 200 miles west south of Arizona

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