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When you can’t leave the beach, there’s a way to stay safe and warm on Orange Beach

When you can’t leave the beach, there’s a way to stay safe and warm on Orange Beach

Orange Beach Resort’s newest hotel, the Ocean Beach, will feature a heated swimming pool and pool area, as well as the first-ever solar-powered hotel.

The hotel, which opened on Wednesday, is part of a global initiative to offer solar-equipped luxury resorts, hotels, and motels.

It is located on the Orange Peninsula of Costa Rica and has the capacity to generate 100 MW of power, according to its website.

The resort is expected to be fully operational in two to three years, the company said.

The Ocean Beach Hotel is expected at least one year away from opening in Costa Rica.

It will have about 250 rooms, with an average price tag of US$4,000 per night, according the website. 

Orange Beach Resort announced its first solar hotel on Tuesday, December 2, 2017.

The hotel will feature an innovative solar-charging system that will provide up to 10 hours of energy per day.

It also includes a heated pool and swimming pool.

The guests can expect to be given access to all the amenities offered at other popular resorts in Costa Rico, including private cabanas and swimming pools. 

The resort is also expected to feature solar-tinted windows, a water feature that allows guests to drink from a solar tank, and a “fiesta room” where guests can relax and eat their favorite food.

The rooftop solar-fencing system will also allow guests to park their vehicles on the beach. 

As the hotel opens, it will offer guests a choice of three main rooms.

One room will have the option to sit and relax, while another will be reserved for guests who want to stay longer at the hotel.

Guests can choose from a large, heated pool with a temperature of up to 55°C, as opposed to the current room temperature of -20°C.

A third room will be a “gated area” with a sliding glass door. 

A total of 17 rooms will be available for guests to choose from.

The majority of the rooms will have a pool, a heated spa, and even a private “gourmet kitchen”.

The Ocean Beach hotel will have three levels: first floor, second floor, and third floor.

In addition to offering guests a wide array of amenities, the resort will also offer a range of events.

The first floor will feature live music, games, and “surf events” with activities for children and adults.

The second floor will host an “acrobatics competition”, and the third floor will offer a “bicycle race”. 

According to the Orange Beach Hotel website, the first two floors will be “the only resort on the Costa Rican Peninsula to offer a solar-based spa, pool, and rooftop solar fence”.

The rooftop system will provide “all of the comfort, amenities, and conveniences of a conventional hotel room” for up to 25 guests, the website added.

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