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What you need to know about the hottest hotel in Newport News

What you need to know about the hottest hotel in Newport News


— There’s a new hotel in town: the Newport News Marriott Hotel, the newest member of the $1.5 billion American-designed resort complex, that opened in May.

Its name is a nod to its namesake — Newport Beach, Calif.

— which is named after a town in the same area.

Its location is the perfect fit for the city’s beaches, which are popular for picnics and picnicking, and its waterfront, which is home to a massive marine wharf.

And the hotel is just one of a few luxury hotels coming to Newport News, a coastal city of just under 7,000.

It was the fourth-biggest hotel in America for 2016, according to research firm CB Insights.

The hotel, built in 1875, is the largest hotel in the U.S. with more than 1,600 rooms, including 2,600 suites, according the Marriott website.

The Hilton Garden Inn, which opened in 2007, is next, with 1,200 rooms.

The Newport News hotel has two restaurants and two lounges.

The restaurant is called The Room, and it has a full bar and kitchen.

The rooms, which range from $400 to $1,000, come with complimentary WiFi and wireless charging.

The restaurants offer a range of meals from a traditional Chinese-style menu to vegan options, such as Thai-inspired plates and salads, and more exotic fare.

The lounge, which also has a bar and dining room, has a mix of bars, restaurants, a lounge and a full-service bar.

It’s open Monday through Saturday and is open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., except on Easter, Memorial Day and Labor Day.

The room, which can seat up to 25 people, has no Internet service.

It has a private room, though.

“This is a hotel where you can have a private dinner with friends, you can enjoy a private night out with your family,” said James L. Johnson, president and CEO of the Newport Convention & Visitors Bureau.

“It’s a unique combination.”

The hotel has been an anchor for the area for years.

It opened in 2005 and now boasts a capacity of nearly 5,500 guests.

It features an indoor pool, a steam room, a private meeting room, an elevator, a rooftop bar and other amenities.

The Marriott hotel, which has an additional 200 rooms and suites, has been a local fixture since it opened.

It became the first of its kind in Newport, which sits in the eastern part of the state.

The property was developed by the Marriott family of hotels, who have been in Newport since the 1950s.

Newport News is also home to the Newport Beach Convention Center and the Newport Public Library, both of which are owned by the hotel company.

Newport has been in the spotlight lately because of a string of shootings that have left two people dead and another dead in a downtown hotel.

A police officer was killed in June and a second officer was shot in the leg in June.

There have also been other recent high-profile killings in Newport.

In September, a man shot and killed two men inside a home in Newport and police arrested a third man in connection with the killings.

A week later, a woman was shot dead at a home that was being used by the man who shot her.

A month later, police found the body of a man whose body had been dumped in a nearby creek.

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