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“What is it like to be a tourist?”

“What is it like to be a tourist?”

Visitors from other parts of the world are enjoying the beach holidays in Australia, and with good reason.

The state is the most visited destination in the world, according to travel website Lonely Planet, and the country boasts one of the highest beach tourism ratings in the continent.

But what do tourists experience? 

The Australian Bureau of Statistics, in its 2018 Tourism Survey, released in August, found that more than 70 per cent of tourists in Australia reported a negative reaction to the beaches. 

The survey also found that while many people are happy to relax on the sand, there are a number of reasons for people to be cautious.

It found that many people have had problems with people being uncomfortable in the heat, including people feeling uncomfortable in being in crowded public places. 

Some of the biggest problems were around the water, said a spokesperson for the ABS. 

“While some people enjoy the water and the waves, others have been reported to feel uncomfortable at being in crowds,” she said.

“The majority of the beach visitors surveyed felt that the beaches are very safe and are generally quite safe.” 

Other issues with the beaches included the fact that some of the facilities have limited capacity, including swimming pools and beach cabins. 

But while there are certain areas in Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane where the water is plentiful, there is not a huge beach on the Gold Coast, or in Townsville, and there is no beach at the popular beach towns of Cairns and Coffs Harbour.

“People are definitely aware of the challenges of getting to the beach,” said a tourism spokesman for the Gold and Sunshine Coast Council, which owns the Cairn beach in Coffs Harbor. 

In terms of water, Coffs is located at the south end of the Gold & Sunshine Coast, where there are fewer facilities. 

There are about 12 facilities on the Cairs beach, and while the main facilities are used by residents and tourists alike, there have been some complaints.

“People get a bit upset when they see people sitting on sand, especially if they have kids, they get upset when people come in,” said Fiona Breen, a resident of Coffs.

Coffs Harbour has the same problem, with some residents having complaints about people who are on the beach.

One resident, Lisa, said: “It’s not that we don’t have beaches here, it’s just we have fewer of them, and they’re not as popular as we want them to be.” 

Another resident, Sarah, said that she was unhappy with people sitting in the water at the Crows Nest beach.

“I’m not happy with the fact people sit in the sand.

They’re all too lazy to go in there,” she told ABC Radio Adelaide.

“It has no effect on people.

People are just sitting there and it’s not very healthy.””

They’re all very lazy.

People are just sitting there and it’s not very healthy.”

Breen said that while some of her neighbours did enjoy the beaches, some people felt uncomfortable, while others had trouble getting out of the water.

“[There are] no facilities, no beaches, no facilities,” she added. 

Despite the complaints, Coffes Harbour has been known to host large parties.

Last year, about 1,500 people visited Coffs, and about 1.5 million people visited the Gold Beach.

The Gold Coast Tourism Authority, which manages the Gold coast, said it was a matter of personal preference.

“The Gold coast is a beach paradise, so people want to have a great time.

However, the Gold beach is not the ideal place to do it, and we’re keen to provide accommodation to the people who want to enjoy it,” a spokesperson said.

It is also important to note that the Gold coastline is popular with tourists, with a number travelling from across Australia.

The spokesperson said that, in general, people wanted to stay on the coast, and that there were a number that were uncomfortable. 

However, if you do want to visit the Gold, it is recommended that you check with the Gold Coastal Council to see if accommodation is available.

“As with all beaches, there’s a number places that are more suitable for a group, and those are the ones that are open to public use and that people can use,” she advised.

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