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The World’s Most Anticipated Hotels: Hotels in ATL, Biloxi, Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Indianapolis

The World’s Most Anticipated Hotels: Hotels in ATL, Biloxi, Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Indianapolis

The most anticipated hotels in Atlanta, Cincinnati and Indianapolis are among the biggest names in hospitality, according to a new study by travel analytics company TripAdvisor.

The study, published on Monday, was conducted by TripAdvisory and is based on an analysis of over 20,000 hotel reservations for the period July 2016 to July 2018.

According to TripAdvisors data, the Atlanta hotel sector ranks first with 1,079 hotel rooms booked per day, with Cincinnati topping the list with 2,087 rooms per day.

Hotels in Atlanta and Cincinnati are the only two areas in the country to rank higher than the United States overall on the global hotel booking index, which measures the average number of rooms booked each day.

The top three spots in the rankings for hotels in each of the major cities are listed in Atlanta.

According to Tripadvisor, Atlanta hotels are among some of the fastest growing cities in the United Kingdom, accounting for over 40% of hotel room growth since 2010.

In Cincinnati, the hotel industry has seen a boom in popularity with the arrival of the “Cincinnati Boom,” according to TripADvisor data.

According the data, Cincinnati hotels are the fifth fastest growing city in the U.S. with over 2.5 million hotel rooms, followed by Atlanta with 1.9 million and Louisville, Kentucky, with 1 million.

In Indianapolis, hotels are second fastest growing in the nation with a 6.5% growth rate.

The Atlanta area was the second-fastest growing region in the world in the last five years, according the data.

The region is expected to be one of the hottest places to live in 2020.

The study predicts that Atlanta hotels will account for an additional 20% of total hotel room occupancy growth in 2020, compared to the last 5 years.

In the Cincinnati region, the occupancy rate for the average hotel room is currently 3.3%.

In Indianapolis it is 2.9%.

In both cities, hotels have seen growth in occupancy rates of more than 30% in the past five years.

In Cincinnati, that number is more than 50%.

Hotels that have seen occupancy rates increase include Marriott, the biggest hotel chain in the state, which had occupancy rates over 10% in 2019.

Hotels like Hilton, American and the Hyatt have seen increases in occupancy of more then 20%.

“This study shows that a combination of local growth and an influx of international guests have been driving hotel occupancy,” said TripAdvocates director of travel, Brian McAlister.

“As a result, hotel occupancy has remained strong in the Atlanta area.

However, the trend for hotels to continue to experience significant growth is encouraging, and hotels in Cincinnati are a great example of how a strong local economy can help drive higher occupancy rates in the city.”

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