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The best and worst New Orleans hotels for 2017

The best and worst New Orleans hotels for 2017

Here’s the best and the worst hotels for the new year.

Here’s what to expect at these iconic hotels this New Year’s Eve.


New Orleans Hotel, New Orleans (Riverside) New Orleans, LA – 7 days, 7 nights 1,700-2,700 square feet Rooms are available on-site, while guests can book in advance.

There are two main rooms, with each room costing $200-$300.

Breakfast and dinner are included in the price, with complimentary cocktails and complimentary snacks.

Rooms are also available at the airport for $80.

Reservations recommended.


The Palace Hotel, Paris (Lyon) Paris, France – 4 days, 4 nights 1.5-2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom 1,300-2-400 square feet Breakfast and lunch are included.

Rooms start at €400 per night.

Prices are subject to change.

2,800 square feet (2,500 square meters) Rooms start from €600 per night (up to two adults) and include breakfast and lunch.

Rooms include the hotel’s signature chef’s menu, plus complimentary drinks and complimentary popcorn.

Prices start at $650 per night for two adults and $1,050 for two children.


La Salle Hotel, Lyon (Luxembourg) Luxembourg, France  – 6 days, 6 nights 1 room with two beds and 1 bathroom 2,300 square feet Prices start from $1.35 million per night, with prices going up to $1 million per week.

Rooms feature the famous chef’s chef’s menus, with an array of local, regional and continental dishes.

Breakfast is included in room prices.


Palace Hotel Paris, Paris  – 7 Days, 7 Nights 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms 1,500-2 rooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 spa, 1 bar, 2 restaurants, 1 hotel restaurant, 2 entertainment options.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner is included.

Room starts at €2.00 per night per adult and €1.50 per night each for two people.

Rooms can be booked online or at the hotel directly.

Rooms range from €800-2.5 million.


La Bois Palace Hotel , Paris – 7-10 days, 9 nights 2 bedrooms and 1 bath 3,500 sq ft Prices start with a breakfast buffet, which includes pancakes, sausage rolls, hash browns and sausage gravy.

Breakfast starts at around €2,000 per night and includes breakfast buffet.

Prices will increase to €3,000 for the rest of the day.


La Leche Palace Hotel , Paris – 10-14 days, 15 nights 2 beds, 1 bath 4,000 sq ft Breakfast and meal are included for a price.

Rooms will start at around $1-2 million per person.

Prices go up to around $2 million for the entire day.


The Lille Palace Hotel Hotel, Lille (France) Lille, France 7 days (7 nights) 2 beds and 2 bathrooms 1.1-1.5 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 1.3 spa, 5-star entertainment and 3-star restaurant.

Breakfast buffet starts at about €1 million for a one-night stay.

Breakfast includes sausage rolls and gravy, breakfast sausage rolls with eggs, breakfast breakfast sausage roll with ham, sausage roll pancakes and sausage rolls sausage rolls.

The meal includes ham, bacon, eggs and gravy.

Prices range from $4.5 to $6 million per day.


Casa della Venezia, Monte Carlo (Italy) Monte Carlo, Italy – 10 days, 12 nights 2 rooms and 1bathroom 3,400 sq ft Lunch and dinner, as well as breakfast and breakfast breakfast, are included, but not dinner.

Prices drop down to €900 per night with a €2 meal for two.

Prices increase to about €900-1,200 per night if the guest chooses to dine alone.


Palace, Paris, Lyon, Montecatini, Palazzo della Vita, Castello di Campiglio, Venice, Castel Gandolfo – 7 to 12 days, 13 nights 2 bed, 2 bath, 1 Spa, 1 Bar, 1 restaurant, 3-Star Restaurant, 3 bar/clubs, 2 bars, 4 bars, 2 nightclubs, 1 nightclub lounge, 2 lounges, 2 spa and 1 bar.

Breakfast begins at around the €2-3 million per-night price point.

Prices rise to around €4 million per hotel night.


Riviera Club, Montebello, Monaco (France), Riviera Casino Hotel, Riviera Hotel Monaco, Monaco, France 1-2 nights, 1,000 square feet 1,400-2 beds, 2 baths, 1 private bath 1,200 sq ft 1-3 rooms, 1-1 bedroom, 1 bedroom, 3 baths, 3 pools, private pool, 1 pool bar, 1 club lounge, 1 lounge bar, 4

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