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Palm Beach’s new resort, Ramada, opens at Orange Beach

Palm Beach’s new resort, Ramada, opens at Orange Beach

Ramada hotel is scheduled to open this week at the end of August, and has already received more than 1,000 inquiries.

The Palm Beach County government and local tourism officials said they will provide the new resort with about 1,200 hotel rooms, and provide additional services such as food and refreshments, to help ease any transition.

Ramada, which opened in September, has been described by its operators as a “gig-sized” luxury hotel.

It features private dining and a spa, a private gym, an infinity pool and spa pools.

The Palm Beach-based resort will have a private dining room, a rooftop pool, spa and infinity pool.

Ramada will also have a restaurant, bar, movie theater, fitness center and a fitness center.

The resort will also offer a rooftop deck with views of the beach, and a boat ramp.

It also will offer a large-scale outdoor pool.

Ramda has a total of 19 rooms and suites, according to the resort.

It will also include an infinity swimming pool, a yoga room, an indoor fitness center, a fitness lounge and a gym.

Ramadans amenities include:A pool deck, with views overlooking the beach.

An infinity pool, which will have 12 pools, 12 pools and a 50-meter underwater swimming pool.

A spa with a full spa and weight room, as well as a sauna and weight lifting equipment.

A yoga room with full spa, weight lifting and massage equipment, as and a saunas.

A sauna with a steam room, weight training and an indoor bar.

A sauna, a steamroom, weight room and bar.

A fitness room with a pool, sauna area, weight-lifting equipment and a cardio machine.

An infinity pool with a fitness room, sauna, weight and weight-lifter area.

An indoor bar with a saan, weight bench and weightlifting equipment.

An indoor pool with saunae and weight and strength training equipment.

An outdoor pool with weight and lift machines.

A fitness center with sauna.

An elliptical machine, weight machines, weights and a weight lifting area.

An outdoor fitness center that includes a saas pool, weight lifts, cardio machines, saan area, bar and sauna room.

An inside pool.

A full-service bar with saan and saunau area, sau pool, bar area and saan room.

A pool area.

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