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Palm Beach County residents: This is my beach house

Palm Beach County residents: This is my beach house

The owners of a house that was built in 1959 and then converted to a $1 million house on a former golf course in Pensacola, Florida, have sold it to the county for $3.5 million.

The house, at 618 W. Ocean Ave., has been a popular destination for many Palm Beach residents and has been known as “Pensacolians House” for decades.

The owner of the property, Robert Stoecker, purchased the property in 2016, but has been trying to sell it since, after he lost his wife, who died in the 2008 tsunami, and he and his children struggled to survive.

“It’s a beautiful home,” said Stoeckers wife, Debbie Stoeke.

“The family is really looking forward to this new chapter in their lives and looking forward on having this beautiful home.”

Stoecker said he had a “good deal” and had hoped to sell the house to a buyer, but after the county offered to take the house, the Stoeker’s agreed to sell and he’s now the new owner.

Stoecker said he plans to move his family and children into a new home in Pensadero, which is the only community he can afford to rent in Florida, in the coming weeks.

The couple plans to have two new babies and plans to live on the property.

Staecker said the house was “one of the few things that was left from my childhood” and was a great place to raise his family.

The house is surrounded by water, he said.

“I love this place.

I have the love of this place,” Stoececkers daughter, Brittany Stoeffel, told the Orange County Register in 2017.

Stoesel said she hoped to make a donation to the Stocys Children’s Hospital, a local children’s hospital, to help pay for their expenses.

Stocys Health Care said the Stoesels have already given more than $5,000 to the hospital.

Stokeckers son, David, who lives with his mother, said the family has a dream of being in Pensarero.

“We want to be here,” he said in an interview with the Register.

“I think we’re really lucky.”

David said the children, ages 7, 7, 8 and 9, are “pretty happy with what we’ve got, and it’s just been so exciting to be able to have this dream.”

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