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Marriott hotels have new rules: No smoking, no alcohol, no smoking in restaurants

Marriott hotels have new rules: No smoking, no alcohol, no smoking in restaurants

Marriott hotels in Hawaii have revised their policies to prohibit smoking and alcohol in restaurants, hotels and bars, as well as on the grounds of hotels, after a rash of health scares. 

“Marriott’s new rules are designed to prevent anyone with a medical condition, such as cancer, from accessing the hospitality and hospitality-related services at our hotels,” a Marriott spokeswoman said.

The new rules will apply to all of the hotel chain’s hotels in the state, and are similar to those in other states.

The Marriott spokeswoman declined to specify how many hotels in New York, New Jersey and California had such policies in place, but said they were in place in most of the chain’s global operations.

There are no plans to change the policy for the hotels of hotels in Florida, she said. 

The changes come as Marriott’s global health reputation has taken a beating in recent months.

In November, the hotel group was forced to admit that its staff had been using a code to disguise the presence of cough syrup on a table of food at its Orlando hotels, an admission that led to the resignation of a host of senior management.

The scandal led to investigations by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which were suspended for a year.

 In January, Marriott announced that it was closing a number of hotels and restaurants in the United States, including its Hawaiian hotels in Honolulu and Maui, after testing positive for the deadly coronavirus.

In April, it announced that the number of confirmed cases had fallen from more than 7,500 in March to fewer than 700.

It was the second major health scare for Marriott in recent weeks, after the chain announced a similar policy banning smoking at restaurants, bars and hotels, a move that was criticized by the hospitality industry.

“The changes to our hotel and dining policy reflect our continuing commitment to reducing the risk of contracting coronaviruses,” the company said in a statement.

“We have made significant investments in our disease prevention programs and our team continues to collaborate with state and local governments to strengthen our protocols and our programs in this area.”

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