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Hyatt Hotel in Costa Rica loses $1.7m after hotel shut for the weekend

Hyatt Hotel in Costa Rica loses $1.7m after hotel shut for the weekend

Hotel guests are being asked to stay away from a resort in Costa Rico after a fire swept through a hotel this weekend.

The Hyatt hotel in San Carlos is being evacuated, after a blaze swept through its four-star hotel in the city of Iquique.

The hotel has since reopened.

The resort has been closed for more than two weeks.

Hyatt has announced that it is working with fire authorities to prevent the spread of the fire, which broke out on Friday.

It is not clear whether the fire broke out in the hotel itself or in the nearby hotel.

Hyatts general manager Juan Miguel Ruiz told the Associated Press news agency that the fire was brought under control.

HyATT hotel fire: Costa Rica resort shut for several weeks due to fire – Associated Press report The hotel, which is the country’s largest, has three-star ratings.

Hypert is owned by Hilton Hotels International Inc, which owns the New York Marriott and other luxury hotels.

Costa Rica has one of the highest rates of obesity in Latin America.

Costa Rican health officials have said that the rate of obesity is a major concern.

The health ministry has recommended that people avoid hotels, including those that have a fitness center.

The fire was sparked by a faulty sprinkler system, according to officials, who did not elaborate on the nature of the malfunction.

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