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How to save money on your hotel stay, when staying on a small island

How to save money on your hotel stay, when staying on a small island

What are your options for staying on an island?

If you’re looking for a cheap holiday or just want a short break from the hustle and bustle of the capital, then we’ve got you covered.

In fact, it’s a good idea to find out what options you’re best able to afford before you go to the next stop.

Here are a few of our favourite places for staying in the Caribbean for cheap.

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The Baja Bahia – The only island in the Bahamas that doesn’t have a hotel, this is the perfect way to stay in the beautiful Caribbean.

The beach resort has a range of accommodation options for a number of different budgets and is situated on the south end of the island, about 1,400km (1,250 miles) north of the United States.

It offers two nights, and if you’re staying at a rate of £65 a night, it is the cheapest option available for short stays on an Island.

The resort is a great option for those who prefer to spend a bit more on food than on lodging, and those who want to take a few days off the island.

The restaurant is located on the island’s main island, and it’s worth checking out their menu as there are many options.

They also have an amazing beach volleyball and other beach activities.


The Blue Lagoon – A popular beach destination in the Dominican Republic, this island resort is located in the eastern part of the country and is a perfect choice for those on short breaks from the capital.

The location and beach offers a wide variety of accommodation, and a number, of restaurants are also located on board, and you’ll find a wide selection of restaurants, shops and shops in the village.

The nearby shopping centre is also a great choice for tourists who want something on their radar for a bit of shopping and dining.


The St. Regis – If you want to spend some time on a beautiful island, then this is one of the best choices you’ll ever have.

The popular Caribbean island resort, which is located just outside of the city of Antigua, is a stunning setting with a stunning view over the Atlantic Ocean.

If you like to go out and experience the beauty of the Caribbean, then the St. John’s hotel is the place to be, offering a variety of holiday accommodation options.

The main beach resort, St. Margarets beach and nearby islands are all very close to the resort and the island itself, which also features a wonderful beach volleyball court, a water park, a swimming pool and even a small beach house for rent.

The hotel itself is one-bedrooms, which are just a fraction of the price of a typical hotel room.

If staying at the St Regis is something you’re after, then it’s the perfect place to stay.


The Bay of Pigs – The Bahamas island of St. Thomas, just outside the city, is an excellent choice for staying away from the crowds and traffic in the capital city.

St. Stephen Island is a unique place, and with a number different options, it has all the facilities you could want.

It’s a wonderful place to spend time with your family or just relax in, with plenty of beach activities and activities for the whole family.

It also offers an amazing variety of restaurants and bars, and the resort is also very close by.

It would be a great place to visit on a tropical day, or if you’d like to take the time to relax in a quiet, peaceful setting.


The Algonquin – This island resort in the French Caribbean is a must-see if you want a little more of an offbeat experience on the big island.

There’s a variety in accommodation options, and many of the beaches have swimming pools, and there’s also an amazing playground.

There are also great restaurants, as well as a great beach volleyball arena and a large swimming pool, all within a few miles of one another.

The entire island is a beautiful and relaxing place, with many beautiful and secluded beachfronts and views, so there’s no need to leave the city for this option.


The Bahamas, St Thomas and St. Vincent – This tropical island resort offers a great variety of options for its resort guests, from a few hours in the island to a full day.

With a number options to choose from, this location is a good option for a short stay or for a longer stay.

There is a small hotel that is located at the entrance of the resort, but the hotel itself does not provide much in the way of facilities, and so it’s best to book in advance.

The only thing that will cost you a bit is the ferry ride to and from the island for a price that is more than reasonable.


The Parque Mondo – The beautiful tropical island of Antipuavo offers some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and this resort is

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