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How to buy a hotel in Vegas: 10 Things You Need to Know

How to buy a hotel in Vegas: 10 Things You Need to Know


Hotel Artemis is the hotel of the week for the week of February 6, 2019. 

You can find it near the mall or in the shopping center. 

If you don’t want to miss out, book your room right now!


The Hilton is the new home of the Hotels of the Week. 

They are all in Vegas and they are pretty close to each other. 

Their room rates are higher, but you can find a room for less. 


The Marriott is the official hotel of Las Vegas. 

The hotel of Vegas is the city’s largest hotel and also the home of MGM Grand. 


Las Vegas is known for its beautiful and luxurious architecture, but the hotel and casino is also known for being a magnet for tourists. 


The Golden Nugget is the only hotel that has a restaurant inside the hotel. 

This one is the best in Vegas.6.

The MGM Grand is known as the home to the world’s most famous movies. 

In fact, it is the home for the world famous MGM Grand Theatre.7. 

Hollywood Walk of Fame is the world-famous Hollywood Sign. 

It’s also the largest and oldest standing sign in the world. 


Vegas Hilton Las Vegas is located in the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. 

 The resort is popular among the tourists, and it also has a lot of activities. 


Las Vegas’ newest hotel is the Luxor, located at the foot of the Las Vegas skyline. 

It’s the second-most expensive hotel in the country. 


Las Cruces, New Mexico is a small city in New Mexico, located in north-central New Mexico. 


Las Malvinas, Arizona is a hotbed for the desert, with the most popular resorts in the desert. 


Las Zegas, California is known worldwide for its mountain-top views. 


Tulare, California, is located on the Pacific Ocean and the most famous California wine region. 


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is famous for the red carpet, and Rio is also home to two famous nightclubs, the Ritz Carlton and the Roxy. 


Oasis Hotel in Miami is the newest hotel in Miami Beach. 


La Boca Chica, Mexico is known to be a beach town and also for its red-light district. 


Coca-Cola, the world leader in bottled water, is the largest beverage company in the United States. 


Sydney is famous as a tourist destination and it’s also a city where it’s popular to shop. 


Lake Tahoe, California has the best views in the USA and also a few famous waterfalls. 


Nestled in the heart of the Golden State is a natural hot spring. 


New Orleans, Louisiana is famous from its French Quarter and also as the birthplace of the city. 


Grand Canyon is one of the world ‘s most famous attractions. 


Santa Fe, New Mexica is known around the world for its amazing beaches and great cuisine. 


Laguna Beach, California was the first American city to host the Olympics in 1968. 


San Francisco, California can be seen as the hub of the Silicon Valley. 


Aruba is a beautiful and serene island in the Caribbean Sea. 


Palm Springs, California is known for the beautiful parks and beaches in the city, and also its famous music festivals. 


Drydocks, Alaska is known internationally as the ‘capital of snow’ and also known as ‘ice capital of the North’. 


Chinatown, California  is famous for its authentic Chinese restaurants and shopping. 


Elk Lake, Nevada is known the most beautiful spot in the West and also also the most spectacular. 


Los Angeles is known in the west as the capital of entertainment, and the city is also famous for it’s famous theater and cinemas. 


Salt Lake City, Utah  was once known as one of America’s most popular tourist destinations, and Salt Lake is also renowned for its incredible architecture. 


Brunswick, Georgia  has been a major tourist destination since the 1700s. 


Alaska, the last state to become a U.S. territory, is known locally for its pristine scenery, and is also the second largest US state. 


Mount Shasta, California and Yosemite National Park are two of the most visited tourist attractions in the US, and Mount Shasta

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