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How the hotels are changing to cater to millennials

How the hotels are changing to cater to millennials

Hotel chains are struggling to keep up with the influx of guests and the new demands of an increasingly young customer base.

Many hotels have already been hit hard by the surge in visitors.

A growing number of millennials, who make up a growing portion of the U.S. population, are visiting cities across the country to spend time.

That trend is likely to continue as their numbers continue to rise.

Many hotel chains are grappling with the challenges posed by an aging population.

But while hoteliers and others are grappling, the hospitality industry is also grappling with a different set of challenges: that of the rising cost of living.

The costs of living have been rising, and with it the value of hotel rooms.

Hotel room rates, for instance, have risen about 6% since 2000, according to hotel consultant Dan O’Brien.

In the last decade, they’ve jumped about 10%.

The industry has seen a steep rise in costs, particularly for the luxury hotel industry, with hotel room prices up nearly 70% from 2000 to 2016, according the Conference Board.

The rise has also affected the price of meals.

The average price for a meal in New York City rose more than 70% in the last five years, to $15.99 in 2017, according a study by the nonprofit think tank the Institute for College Access and Success.

Hotel prices are also rising in more affluent areas, and in cities like New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Washington, D.C. As a result, many hotels are seeking to find ways to cater more guests.

In San Antonio, which is one of the biggest cities in the U, a number of hotels have launched specials that allow guests to save money on meals and other amenities while also providing them with an escape from the city’s hot weather.

In addition to catering to the millennial population, hoteliers also have to consider the fact that their guests are increasingly coming to the U in droves.

Hotel occupancy rates in the United States fell slightly in 2017 to 61%, according to the National Association of Realtors, but that’s a slight increase from 2016 when occupancy rates fell to 61%.

The numbers suggest that hotels are seeing a drop in guests.

And it’s not just the millennial generation.

A recent study by The Wall, a financial information company, showed that hotel rooms for the first time in more than a decade are becoming more crowded.

It shows that millennials have been arriving to the United State at a record rate in recent years.

The study shows that the average room size at some of the nation’s biggest hotels has increased by almost 4% between 2016 and 2020, from 578 rooms to 694 rooms.

And that increase is expected to continue.

The new hotel rooms are filled with more people, meaning the hotel room rate has increased in many areas.

In some cities, it’s more than double the national average.

In other areas, it was less than 1%.

As a consequence, hotel rooms in some cities have increased by more than 100% over the last two decades.

In places like Denver, for example, the number of rooms at the city hotel is up a staggering 5.5 times.

Some hotelier are worried about the impact that the hotel boom has had on the economy.

In a report published last month, the National Restaurant Association found that, “a significant share of the growth in guest occupancy and hotel room occupancy during the past decade has been driven by the rapid growth in millennials.

In 2014, millennials accounted for 11.4% of hotel room guests and 7.5% of room occupancy in the hospitality sector.

By 2016, that share had risen to 18.4%, and by 2020 it was up to 29.2%.

The report also found that the millennial surge is “disrupting and disrupting the traditional dining experience.”

One reason for the rise in room sizes is the rise of the Internet, and it has made it easier for people to share photos and other personal information.

Hotel rooms are being filled with people.

And, of course, there’s the rise from a higher income level.

According to a study published in February by consulting firm Mercer, the median income for a hotel room owner in the Midwest increased from $56,400 in 2007 to $69,200 in 2016.

That’s up from $41,700 in 2007.

He added that the rise is also related to an increased need for room amenities. “

It’s hard to say that the increase is due to the increase of people,” said Daniel R. Reichert, chief executive of Reichers.

He added that the rise is also related to an increased need for room amenities.

For example, he said, if someone had a bed in the hotel, they would want to sleep on that bed, which has become increasingly popular.

“We are seeing that we’re becoming a city that is more hospitable and more hospiteable,” Reichems said. While

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