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Hotels around the world in 2018

Hotels around the world in 2018

Planners are looking to transform the downtown atlatlanta in a new and different way.

The hotel is going to be the largest residential and business center in the city and is set to transform into an interactive shopping center with the help of a $3.5 billion project.

The project is part of the city’s transformation plan that aims to bring more residents and businesses into the downtown.

The new hotel will open in 2019 and is expected to have 5,000 beds.

The project is being spearheaded by the developers of the historic downtown atla.

The city also owns the property, the project is expected in 2021.

The development includes a hotel tower, a shopping center, an indoor shopping mall and a spa.

The tower is designed to attract a high-end shopping center that will attract an international clientele.

It will feature a 360-degree, 360-foot indoor mall, a food court, a sports hall, and a restaurant.

It is expected that the hotel will be the first in the world to feature the spa, and that a second tower will open later in the year.

The other new project is the construction of a parking garage.

It’s part of a project to convert the existing parking garage in the area of the mall.

The garage is slated to be transformed into a five-story mixed-use building.

The parking garage will include an office, a residential office, and retail space.

The new garage is expected be completed in 2019.

The developers have also created a park and playground for the residents of the new development.

The park and outdoor recreational area will include a bike path and a playground.

The development will feature outdoor activities for the community, including swimming, tennis, and volleyball courts.

The plan to transform atlatlsanta has attracted the attention of the National Park Service.

They have been in talks with the developers about the project and are now moving forward with the project.

The project has been given a green light from the National Parks Service.

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