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Hotel workers who took a gun to hotel after being told to leave

Hotel workers who took a gun to hotel after being told to leave

Workers at the Fort lauderden Dillard and Mount Washington hotels in Washington state are protesting the use of force by hotel management in a case that has drawn national attention.

They say the incident happened when they were called to the Fort, a popular hotel on the west coast of the state, for an apparent security issue on the night of February 3.

Employees say they were asked to leave because of a reported “security threat” and to turn on the security cameras.

A security guard, identified by CNN as Richard Sondre, was also seen leaving the hotel after the incident.

A spokesperson for the Fort said that no employees were injured.

Employees of the Mount Washington hotel told ABC News they were told to get out of the hotel and then left when management refused to answer their questions about what they were supposed to do if they could not leave.

They also said management told them that if they did not leave, they would have to go to the police station.

The hotel is owned by a family of investors.

The protests come a day after a federal judge in Seattle said the state of Washington did not have a constitutional right to bar a hotel worker from taking a gun from a private property because of her religious beliefs.

The workers are being represented by the National Employment Law Project (NELP).

They are being held on $1 million bond.

The incident is being investigated by the Washington State Patrol, but it is unclear if they will charge the workers with any crime.

ABC News’ Mike Fifer contributed to this report.

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