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Hard Rock Hotel Is Getting a $10,000 Per Night Price Boost from Google’s New Hotel Suite

Hard Rock Hotel Is Getting a $10,000 Per Night Price Boost from Google’s New Hotel Suite

A few weeks ago, Google announced that they’d been working on a new suite of hotels, the Hard Rock.

Google’s website listed a variety of details, including a suite price of $10 and a per-night rate of $3,400, which is slightly more expensive than the Google Preferred Hotel suite.

The Google Hotel Suite was available for a few days before being discontinued, and now, Google has launched a suite for $10 a night and a rate of only $3.4 million per night.

That’s a whopping 20 percent premium to the Google Luxury Suite, which has a rate from $3 million to $3 billion per night (per Google).

It’s not surprising that Google wants to boost the rates of the suite and suites, but it’s worth noting that Google’s new suite is a bit of a departure from the other Google hotels they’ve announced.

Google says that its new suite will offer “exclusive hotel suites and suites with additional amenities and amenities, like complimentary Wi-Fi, a fitness center, and a large outdoor pool.”

Google has offered hotel suites for years, but the new suite features a number of improvements.

The suite will feature three different rooms, with two rooms for singles, and three rooms for couples.

Each room will be different, with the most basic room available to anyone in the suite, and the suite with the biggest private bath available to the couples.

Google also offers a suite with four bedrooms, which offers the room for two people, a separate bedroom for each person, and an optional separate room for each couple.

Google has also added a “pool” to the suite to accommodate larger groups.

It’s unclear what Google’s suite will look like in the future, but Google’s press release suggests that the suite will be able to accommodate “a number of different types of events.”

The suite’s price is actually a little higher than the hotel suites Google announced earlier this year, which was the Luxury suite.

For those keeping score, that hotel suite cost $10.1 million, while Google’s Suite is now $3bn.

The hotel suite was announced at Google I/O in January, and Google’s first official hotel suite is set to launch later this year.

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