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Beach hotel at the center of Trump’s ‘birther’ story

Beach hotel at the center of Trump’s ‘birther’ story

The Long Beach Hotel at the heart of President Donald Trump’s “birthy” conspiracy theory is one of several properties at the White House that have become targets of an anti-Trump movement.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the hotel’s name was taken from the U.S. flag, and that its slogan, “Make America Great Again,” was also taken from “Trump’s America” slogan.

The hotel, owned by Trump’s real estate company, The Trump Organization, was also a target of a 2016 lawsuit by the Center for American Progress and the Media Matters for America.

The suit alleged that Trump, who is a registered Republican, improperly profited from the property by promoting the Trump Foundation.

The Trump Foundation was later found to be a charity for the benefit of political candidates and was later shut down.

The Long Beach hotel has since been renovated and reopened.

It now has a reception area and bar, as well as a spa, gym and a wellness center.

Trump himself once called the property “one of the best places in the world to be,” according to Politico.

The Long Island resort, which was also used by the president during his trip to Palm Beach, is now the home of the White Senate.

But the hotel is also a hotbed for Trump’s feud with the press, who has been critical of the president’s actions on immigration and other issues.

In a recent tweet, the president referred to the press as “a dangerous and unwarranted threat to the safety and security of this nation.”

On Friday, a group of reporters and activists took to the hotel to confront Trump and his supporters about the protesters, as protesters chanted, “We want our voices heard.”

The group included a member of the news media who said she was a journalist for the Washington Post.

“I’m going to be here tomorrow to say ‘no’ to the Trump administration’s racist attack on the media,” Stephanie Keith said, according to The Washington Post, as the group waited outside the hotel.

The White House later said that the president had not been contacted by the group.

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