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A look at the gaylord’s iconic hotel in Flagstaff

A look at the gaylord’s iconic hotel in Flagstaff

Flagstaff, Ariz.

(AP) A flagstaff hotel has been given a makeover after years of construction.

The Gaylord Flagstaff has been renamed the Gaylord Hotel Arizona and now offers a gayborhood experience for all visitors.

The hotel opened its doors in May 2019 and is located at 4333 N. High St. in Flagview, Ariza.

The new hotel is named for the Gayborhood of Arizona, which is home to more than 2,200 hotels in Arizona, New Mexico, California and Nevada.

The Gaylord hotel was a hot spot for gay travelers during the gayborys peak years.

It was a popular destination for gay couples who made their way through the city in their limousines.

Gayborhood historian Joe McAlister said the Gaylords reputation for hospitality began when it opened.

“The Gaylords first appearance in the Phoenix area is an iconic photo.

We always knew it was going to be there and we always knew that it was the beginning of the Gayloria brand,” McAlisters said.

Gaylord’s newest building, with its bright white exterior, is a new addition to the city.

The original Gaylord, built in 1892, has been a popular spot for visitors to the gaytown, including many gay couples.

It had its own bar and a restaurant, Gaylord’s, which was also owned by the Gaylanta family, McAliders said.

“A lot of people who go there are there because of the bar and the restaurant and that’s where the gaylanta’s family used to come and stay,” McAdams said.

The new Gaylord will include a lounge, spa, lounge room and an indoor bar.

There will also be a bar and lounge, a private restaurant and a spa, he said.

McAlisters added the Gaylander hotel was built to serve guests who needed a private, friendly environment.

It is located just off Interstate 10 in Flagland, just south of downtown Flagstaff.

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